We rely on computers and smart mobile devices for nearly every aspect of our lives, yet the way we interact with them has not changed significantly since personal computers were first invented 40 years ago. The Fluid Interfaces research group radically rethinks human-computer interaction with the aim of making the user experience more seamless, natural and integrated in our physical lives. Our goal is to design and develop interfaces that are a more natural extension of our minds, bodies and behavior. We aim to design novel form factors that leverage the full range of sensory capabilities and control modalities of the user while exploring the following themes:

  1. Interfaces that perceive the user, her current context and actions and offer relevant services and information based on that awareness;
  2. Interfaces that offer a more natural interaction experience, that allow a user to use the functionality without diverting their attention or disrupting their actions;
  3. Wearable interfaces that augment human senses and cognitive capabilities;
  4. We are particularly interested in enhancing a user’s abilities in the areas of memory, learning, attention and emotion regulation.