Project LIMBO, standing for Limbs In Motion By Others, aims to create technologies to support people who have lost the ability to control a certain part of their body, or who are attempting sophisticated tasks beyond their capabilities. Our strategy is use a functional electrical stimulation (or FES) as a mean for direct control/feedback on muscle activities, for reprogramming the way human body parts are controlled.

We are envisioning scenarios of using muscle stimulation for extending motor-control capability or giving feedbacks for adjusting body motions. For example, paralyzed people could regain the experience of grasping with their hands by actuating hand muscles based on gaze gestures. People who have lost leg control could control their legs with finger movement - and be able to drive a car without special assist.

Collaboration with: Ermal Dreshaj and Artem Dementyev


Sang-won Leigh, Ermal Dreshaj, Artem Dementyev, Pattie Maes, and V. Michael Bove. "LIMBO: Reprogramming and Augmenting Muscle Activities using Electrical Stimulation." Intl. Conf. Human Factors in Computing (CHI 2014), Workshop paper in "Workshop on Assistive Augmentation."  [PDF]