Xinlei is a researcher, an engineer, and a explorer with entrepreneurship spirit and people-first mindset. He is passionate about creating a better future where technology serves as a natural extension of human mind so that people can have more freedom. Before visiting Fluid Interfaces Group, he was a Ph.D student from Applied Computer Science course at the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Professor Jun Rekimoto, where he gained the ability and extensive experience in envisioning about future and then realize it with multiple technologies. His research interests include Human Computer Interaction, Human Augmentation, and Computer-Aided Language Learning (CALL). In particular, his past work includes AquaCAVE - An Augmented Swimming Environment with Immersive Surround-Screen Virtual Reality where swimmer can experience swimming in 3D-projected space, e.g. under the sea or in the sky; WithYou - An interactive second language speaking training coach based on speech recognition that adapts native narration playback to user's real-time performance, and RINGO - A finger-worn wearable device that enables users to interact with text by pointing, whose possible interaction includes translation, image search, etc. Now in Fluid interfaces group, he is build an brain-computer interface (BCI) that understands people's mind and give just-in-time support in real-time. Xinlei has been the recipient of the Global Creative Leadership Scholarship at University of Tokyo, offered to the top one percent of incoming graduate students. Specialities/Passion: Software System, Wearable devices, Computer Vision, Speech recognition, Machine Learning, Voice Interface, Human-Centered Design, Business, Entrepreneurship.