Scott is a 5th year Phd student interested in facilitating learning through wearable technologies, remote collaboration and context-aware information retrieval. As such, his work spans the fields of interaction design, psychology, and informatics. His current work makes use of physiological signals such as eye movement and electrodermal activity to enhance the ability of systems and remote collaborators to respond wearers' cognitive and emotional states. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and German from Northwestern University, a master's in Scientific Computing from the Free University of Berlin, and a master's in Media Arts and Sciences from the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT. As a Phd student in Media Arts and Sciences, his prior affiliations are with Sandy Pentland's Human Dynamics Group and Neil Gershenfeld's CBA. He has worked extensively with Google Glass, and is a core contributor to the WearScript project. He spent the summer of 2013 working on the Android framework at Google. He has had work featured in the New York Times and Augmented World Expo. He is originally from Fort Collins, Colorado. He speaks German and considers Germany his second home. He's an advanced snowboarder, and plays a mean Bob Dylan tune on guitar. You can find Scott on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, GitHub and SoundCloud.