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Anirudh is a Masters student and Research Assistant at the Fluid Interfaces Group. His interests lie in the area technologies for social impact, displays, projected interfaces, mixed reality, wearable computing, assistive technologies and open-source.

How do we push the limits of human comprehension of information though computation and design. How do we utilize what humans are good at (like spatial memory) to create intelligent interfaces into the processing of vast amounts of spatially aware information. Doug comes from a background of both Computer Science and Fine Art and is currently a second year graduate student. On a more meta interest level he is drawn to the interaction between objects, people, and culture.

Susanne Seitinger is a Research Affiliate at the MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group, Visiting Lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna and a Visiting Scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology. She focuses on the strategic arrangement of programmable (LED) lighting elements that shape inviting and responsive 24-hour public spaces in the city. As a post-doc with Prof. Pattie Maes's Fluid Interfaces Group and in collaboration with Philips Color Kinetics, she developed LightBridge for the MIT 150th Anniversary Festival of Art Science and Technology.