Susanne Seitinger is a Research Affiliate at the MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group, Visiting Lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna and a Visiting Scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology. She focuses on the strategic arrangement of programmable (LED) lighting elements that shape inviting and responsive 24-hour public spaces in the city. As a post-doc with Prof. Pattie Maes's Fluid Interfaces Group and in collaboration with Philips Color Kinetics, she developed LightBridge for the MIT 150th Anniversary Festival of Art Science and Technology. Her PhD dissertation –Liberated Pixels: Alternative Narratives for Lighting Future Cities– explores the aesthetic and interactive potentials for future lighting and display infrastructures. Susanne has also worked on interactive playground environments and props for children that take advantage of full-body interaction. At MIT, Susanne participated in numerous research and design projects on digital city environments including the Digital Mile in Zaragoza and the Digital Media City in Seoul. Prior to MIT, Susanne worked as a Princeton Project 55 fellow for an affordable housing developer in New York. Susanne’s background is in architecture, urban planning and human-computer interaction at MIT (PhD 2010, MS 2006, MCP 2004) and Princeton University (BA 2001).