Simon was a visiting Phd student at the MIT Media Lab. He holds a Bachelor and a Master degree in computer science. He is currently researching at the Cluster of Excellence on Multimodal Computing and Interaction in Saarbrücken (Germany) under the supervision of Jürgen Steimle. His current work focuses on supporting awareness for information in the cloud using the architectural that is surrounding us. Thereby, Simon is particularly interested in investigating into novel interactions for upcoming kinds of displays such as rollable or very tiny ones.

Olberding, S., Steimle J., Nanayakkara, S. and Maes, P.: CloudDrops: Stamp-sized Pervasive Displays for Situated Awareness of Web-based Information. Proc. of PerDis'15 (to appear).   [PDF]

Olberding S., Yeo K.P., Nanayakkara S.C. and Steimle J. “AugmentedForearm: Exploring the Design Space of a Display-enhanced Forearm”, ACM SIGCHI Augmented Human, March, 2013.   [PDF]