Markus is a PhD-student and visiting researcher at the Fluid Interfaces Group. He received his Diploma in Computer Science in 2012 from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Before starting his PhD, Markus was interning at Yahoo!-Labs in Sunnyvale,CA. In the last three years, Markus focused on using Augmented Reality systems for providing context-aware instructions for untrained workers and workers with disabilities in assembly work contexts. His research interests further encompass Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, and Human-Drone Interaction. More information about Markus can be found on

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Greenwald, Scott W. and Funk, Markus and Loreti, Luke, and Mayo, David and Maes, Pattie. EVA: Exploratory Learning with Virtual Companions Sharing Attention and Context. ICALT 2016.   [PDF]   [Link]

Funk, Markus and Kosch, Thomas and Greenwald, Scott W. and Schmidt, Albrecht. A Benchmark for Interactive Augmented Reality Instructions for Assembly Tasks. MUM '15, 2015.   [Link]