Katsuya is an engineer and researcher with a background of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He received a Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Prof.Jun Rekimoto and is currently pursing a Ph.D. His research focuses on Human Computer Interaction, Human Augmentation, and his interests include introducing new methods for learning technical skills with computational support. He used to work as a software engineer at Applus IDIADA, an automotive company located in Barcelona and also worked as a researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Tokyo. His technical skills expand from hardware to software development and he shows remarkable communication skills in collaborating/team-working.

More information on his website: www.katsuyaf.com

Viirj Kan, Katsuya Fujii, Judith Amores, Chang Long Zhu Jin, Pattie Maes, Hiroshi Ishii. Social Textiles: Social Affordances and Icebreaking Interactions Through Wearable Social Messaging. TEI 2015 Work-in-progress, 2015.   [Link]

Katsuya Fujii, Sophia Russo, Pattie Maes and Jun Rekimoto, MoveMe: 3D Haptic Support for a Musical Instrument, ACE 2015   [PDF]