How do we push the limits of human comprehension of information though computation and design. How do we utilize what humans are good at (like spatial memory) to create intelligent interfaces into the processing of vast amounts of spatially aware information. Doug comes from a background of both Computer Science and Fine Art and is currently a second year graduate student. On a more meta interest level he is drawn to the interaction between objects, people, and culture. Regarding those elements he enjoys the process of analyzing, simulating, exploring, and understanding their subtle inter-dependent lives. His most fulfilling moments are when a project takes something immense and difficult to comprehend and makes it simple and familiar; as well as conversely when it takes the simple and familiar and makes you realize you never really understand it in full. Before the Fluid Interfaces Group, he received a B.S. in Computer Science, and B.F.A. in Fine Art both from Carnegie Mellon University. Past work includes an internship at IBM Collaborative User Experience, and full time work at Yahoo! Design Innovation Team.