Dhairya Dand is a research assistant in his 2nd year Masters at the MIT Media Lab. Inspired by myths, superhumans, the human mind and his personal experiences, his work explores augmenting senses, intellect, surfaces and objects to create novel ways of interacting and making sense of the world. His work is situated in the belief that human well-being in an increasingly computational world can be achieved at the intersection of thoughtful design, innovative engineering and radical paradigms.

In the past he made educational toys from eWaste at the CUTE center, emotional robots at Keio, historical art at EYEBEAM, communication devices for autistic kids at IDC, examined internet and its effect on democracy at Harvard, created new map interfaces at Google.

His work has been featured in TIME, WIRED, MIT Tech Review, Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, Discovery, MAKE and other print and online media and exhibited at MIT, The Other Victoria and Albert, Singapore Arts Festival among other venues. His research has been published at CHI, TEI, UIST and other HCI conferences.

He has managed to live, work and study in Cambridge, New York, Tokyo, Phnom Penh, Singapore and Bombay and wishes to continue this cross-cultural wandering.

Compilation of Works