Daniel is an artist, designer and researcher. His interests are in Tangible Interaction Design, Light Animation, DIY/Collaborative Technologies, Open-Source Hardware & Software, Sustainability Strategies and in Design Research.

Daniel grew up in the black forest in the tri-border area of Germany, France, and Switzerland. Currently he is persuing a PhD in Art & Design and an MSc in MediaArchitecture, both at Bauhaus University Weimar as well as an MS in Architecture at University at Buffalo, SUNY.

Daniel holds an MFA in Media Art & Design from Bauhaus University Weimar, an MA (Master of Literature) in Art Theory from Togji University, Shanghai, and a BA in Digital Media from the University of the Arts in Bremen.

Prior to going back to school, Daniel was teaching Interaction Design to Product Design Students at Bauhaus University Weimar. His courses focused on enabling awareness for technology and its underlaying principles, making use of Open-Source Design, Hardware Hacking and DIY approaches, and incorporating repair and re-use strategies in order to foster critical and self-reflective thinking.

Daniel is excited about simple displays and the potential of brightness changes over time.