Angela is passionate about applying scientific and design theories to create usable emerging technologies, with the larger goal of improving or even changing lives.

Before joining Fluid Interfaces, she was an undergraduate at Georgia Tech conducting research in assistive technology. She created MoodLens: a novel, wearable fiber optic display that significantly improved emotional content of text-to-speech systems used by individuals with severe paralysis. With the success of MoodLens, she went on to found the SMILE Project, a research group aiming to develop brain-computer interface (BCI)-controlled wearable technology for expressing emotion. As an undergraduate, she led both undergraduate and graduate students in enabling real-time BCI control of MoodLens and BCI affect detection. She presented internationally, published peer-reviewed research, received invitations to speak at conferences nationwide, and won multiple awards for her work.

Now, she is exploring how technology can mediate the mind-gut relationship - motivated by scientific findings linking gut health to mental health.

Angela was a recipient of the Stamp's President Scholarship at Georgia Tech, offered to the top one percent of applicants. She completed a bachelor's degree in computer science.