Moran Cerf is a professor of neuroscience (department of neurosurgery, LIJ) and business (Kellogg School of Management). He holds a Ph.D in neuroscience from Caltech, an MA in Philosophy and a B.Sc in Physics from Tel-Aviv University.

Ronen Zilberman is a neuroscience researcher and chief-of-staff at Prof. Moran Cerf's C-Lab. His academic background is in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. He also heads an IT application and network security consultancy and has broad expertise in software development ranging from low-level coding such as assemble language, drivers and micro controllers to full-blown production-ready products. He is also an experienced improvised-theater performer and teacher.

Andres Campero is a PhD student for Game Theory and Decision Sciences in Kellogg at Northwestern working with Professor Moran Cerf. His areas of experience are in Game Theory (Evolutionary Game Theory, Complexity, Automata), Neuroscience (EEG analysis, Single Neuron data analysis, Sensory Augmentation) and Machine Learning (Probabilistic Graph Models, I-Theory).