Jason Falconer

Rony is a postdoctoral associate.

Roshan is a visiting PhD student.

Rahul is a Visiting Masters student from the HITLabNZ.

Rahul’s research interests include Computer Vision, Augmented Reality,Rapid Prototyping and Human Computer Interaction.Before his masters,he interned at the HITLabNZ working on Android AR systems and at the Mixed Reality Lab,NUS on AR projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence,Singapore.

Cassandra is a first year Masters student with a background in computer science. Her research focuses on the possibility of software-augmented humans and using software in ways to enhance human mental capabilities, pushing the boundaries of memory, motivation, and mood.

Sergio Perdices is an Electrical Engineer from La Salle - Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. He joined Fluid Interfaces as a visiting student for a year. He took the lead on designing and manufacturing the hardware for the Display Cubes, which are handheld cubes that have displays on all sides as well as embedded processing, power and several sensors to visualize and interact with information from multiple perspectives.

Niaja Farve is a 2nd year PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces group. Her interests include, interactive media and education, projected interfaces, and redefining virtual interactions. Her current work involves developing a platform for eye tracking application development. She has a BA in Electrical Engineering from Morgan State University and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Amna was the previous Administrative Assistant for Pattie and the Fluid Interfaces group, and continues to be the Admin for Joe Paradiso (Responsive Environments) and Iyad Rahwan (Scalable Cooperation).