Abhinandan is a Visiting Scholar in the group. He has finished his Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from Zakir Husain College, India. He is interested in developing augmented technologies that push human capabilities to the next level. At the Media Lab, he is currently working on a robotic interface for Human Augmentation. He has previous research experience in Interdisciplinary Systems Development, Biomedical Signal Processing, Polymers, Robotics.

Janet Baker is presently a Research Affiliate in Pattie Maes Fluid Interfaces Group. With a background in neurophysiology, AI, and speech technology, she is interested in advancing human capabilities to interact effectively with their environment,
computers, and each other. In recent years she has worked on creating wearable technologies, especially incorporating user-tunable HiFi capabilities for the hearing impaired. She also advises high tech start-ups and funding entities on strategy and business operations.

Personal website: arnavkapur.com/about.aspx

Fernando is working towards his Masters in Engineering in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab. He recently completed his Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT and is currently researching novel experiences in Mixed Reality using existing sensors and peripherals.

Neo is a PhD student and a Research Assistant in the Fluid Interfaces Group, MIT Medialab. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters in Applied Mathematics. He also has BSc degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic. His work is focused on Cognitive Augmentation, Artificial Intelligence, and Mixed Reality. webpage

Ashris is a visiting student currently pursuing his Bachelors in Architecture at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He has a background in architecture, design, interaction and programming. He is interested in creative applications of existing technologies to increase human well being, collaboration and ways to promote creative learning. In his prior internship at ETH Zurich, he was researching on the relationship between the physiological response of urban travellers and the spatial configurations of the cities using Virtual Reality.